Plan to be prepared!

Make emergencies less stressful. Use the resources below to make a plan that protects your loved ones, and your belongings, during storms and severe weather.

Storm SafetyWe stand storm ready! Tampa Electric is prepared to deliver reliable energy through the worst Mother Nature offers 365 days a year. Our Storm Protection Plan invests $150 million per year to strengthen our system by burying targeted overhead lines, trimming trees, and hardening equipment like poles and substations to help minimize outages and lower restoration time and reduce costs when outages occur. Each of our teams has emergency response plans and performs mock drills throughout the year to ensure safe and reliable energy and the fastest restoration possible when storms hit our area.

Download our hurricane brochure and be prepared.

Here's how you can prepare your home or business each season.

  • Monitor news and weather sources for storm updates.
  • Know your evacuation zone and location of shelters.
  • Register for your Tampa Electric online account, store your account number and set notification preferences.
  • Sign up for our e-News Update with important information about storm preparation and restoration.
  • If you are dependent on in-home electric-powered medical equipment, sign up for our Medical Watch program and with Florida’s Special Needs Registry at
    Participation in Medical Watch does not provide priority restoration, extended payment options or guaranteed uninterrupted service.
  • Know your flood zone.
    Visit your county’s emergency management website or to determine your flood zone, and your hurricane evacuation zone, get flood depth data, and flood insurance information, or help with property flood protection for residents.

Safety tips

Stay Safe Icon
Stay Safe

Review these Storm Safety Tips to avoid hazards.

Gather Documents Icon
Gather Documents

Put important documents and information in a waterproof container and store safely.

Be Ready Icon
Be Ready

Pack your Hurricane Preparedness Kit and be ready to go at any time.

Make a Plan Icon
Make a Plan

Create an Emergency Plan for loved ones and employees, including pets and livestock.

Generator Use Icon
Generator Use

DO NOT operate portable generators indoors, near AC ducts, or in enclosed areas, and do not connect them to home circuits. NEVER get your portable generator wet – a dry, outdoor space is required.

Know Your Zone Icon
Know Your Zone

It's important to know if you live in an evacuation zone, a low-lying, flood-prone area, a mobile home or an unsafe structure that is likely to be evacuated. Know your zone and follow orders from local officials.

Don’t be scared. Be prepared.

Get ready NOW so you’re prepared when it matters. Authorities may issue evacuation or shelter notices 48-72 hours before possible storm impact. Visit Preparing for Hurricane Season for